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Self Defense class at San Antonio Shitokai

Frequently Asked Questions About Karate

We're glad you're here! If you are seeking answers to common questions about karate, then your journey has already begun. This page is dedicated to answering many of the frequently asked questions we receive from prospective karate students and parents of young learners, and we hope that you find the answers to your own questions here. We also provide a brief glossary of terms at the bottom of the page, so if you see a word or phrase on our San Antonio dojo website that you are unfamiliar with, you may find the definition here as well. We understand that each person has a unique perspective on karate, and therefore some of your questions may be different from those on the page. We invite you to please contact Sensei Jim Hamman with any questions, needs, or concerns you have that are not addressed here.

We are here to help and happy to share our knowledge with you!

When you are learning about martial art, it is about respect. - Jackie Chan

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