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"The ultimate aim of karate lies not in victory nor defeat, but in the perfection of the character of its participants." 

- Gichin Funakoshi

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Shitokai Karate in San Antonio

Welcome to the San Antonio Shitokai Karate dojo! We're currently accepting students of all ages. Visit our Available Karate Classes page to learn more about our classes for children, teens, adults, and families who wish to learn karate and benefit from the study of martial arts. If you have questions about Shitokai karate, our dojo, or how to get started, feel free to Contact Us directly or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more!

Interested in self-defense? Shitokai is perfect for those who are looking to take karate classes for self-defense purposes, because it is a defensive art from beginning to end. Our instructors are attentive, inspirational, and devoted to teaching self-defense to all our students. We’re certain that we can help you meet your self-defense goals!

Start today! At San Antonio Shitokai, we're dedicated to the practice and application of karate. If you've always longed to learn, your karate journey can begin now. Contact Us, and we can help you develop skills that will serve you well for the rest of your life.



We teach Shito-ryu karate, one of the original styles of karate, which is distinguished by physical speed, a strong stance, and an economy of movement. Shito-ryu karate is known for combining half-hard and half-soft circular movements and a multitude of katas. Our classes are based on a progressive system that begins with basic moves and techniques before advancing to higher levels.

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At Shitokai Karate in San Antonio, we believe that karate is a solid foundation for self-defense. An attacker might grab you in one of eight ways, or they might strike at you in one of eight ways. We teach the basic breaks and the defenses to combat these attacks, so that learners are able to physically defend themselves with confidence.


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Sensei Jim Hamman and the instructors at our San Antonio dojo are devoted to passing on the art of Shito-ryu karate, which was founded in 1934 by Kenwa Mabuni in Okinawa. All our karate instructors are Shito-ryu instructors taught by the same organization (USA Shitokai). Our karate linage can be traced back to Kenei Mabuni through Shoko Sato, Doug Dennis, and Luis Alberte.

Shitokai Karate Classes in San Antonio

Shitokai Karate Classes in San Antonio

If you're interested in taking karate classes in San Antonio, we welcome you! Karate offers a great deal of physical, mental, and social benefits. Our dojo offers karate classes to all age groups, families who want to take karate classes as a unit, and those who seek to study martial arts as a form of self-defense. Visit our Available Karate Classes page to learn more about the classes we offer, or simply click on any of the classes and benefits sections below.


  •  Improves focus

  • Develops self-discipline

  • Teaches respect

  • Instills self-confidence

  • Helps build character



  • Improves physical fitness

  • Improves self-control

  • Creates a positive impact on self-esteem

  • Develops mindfulness and gratitude

  • Helps teens become more resilient

  • Improves discipline and focus



  • Learn to physically defend yourself with confidence

  • Improve physical conditioning

  • Develop strength, speed, and reflexes

  • Improve situational awareness

  • Boost self esteem

  • Stay safe



  • Creates family bonding experiences

  • Allows family members to work toward common goals

  • Provides quality family time outside the home

  • Develops interest in fitness and healthy habits

  • Helps family members support each other to overcome challenges

  • Allows families to celebrate individual successes together



  • A great way to test your skills and challenge yourself

  • We compete in national, and international competitions

  • State competitions are in Houston, Dallas, and Austin

  • We adhere to the USANKF competition rules and guidelines



  • Learn to physically defend yourself with confidence

  • Improve physical conditioning

  • Develop strength, speed, and reflexes

  • Improve situational awareness

  • Boost self esteem

  • Stay safe

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